Hi and welcome to the Junkgarden Girl blog! My name is Angie and I like to think of myself as a dabbler as I enjoy painting, digital art, jewelry making, sewing and decorating. I have a passion for mixing old and new, fancy and grunge, vintage and modern, in both fashion and decorating. Flea markets, graphic design, mixed metals, vintage illustration and classic films are just a few of the things that inspire me.

Here I hope to share with you some of the cool things that I find as well as my own home and art projects.

Want to know more about me? Ok, who is junkgarden girl?
  • firefighter's wife
  • mom to 2 girls who are taller than her
  • can recite many 80's movies
  • loves funny people
  • loves her Nook
  • misses her dog
  • can't parallel park
  • favorite color is red
  • hates eggs
  • loves daisies
  • sings in the car
  • wants to live at the beach
  • can't reach the top shelf of anything
  • has an obscene collection of lipstick
  • sometimes forgets how old she is
  • has never had a broken bone
  • loves classic films & oldies tv shows
  • hates to do dishes
  • remembers the words to almost every song she's ever heard
  • can pick up things with her toes
  • is a procrastinating perfectionist
  • loves Dr Pepper
  • hates bugs
  • loves fruit
  • hates vegetables
  • loves chocolate and vanilla equally
  • always drinks with a straw
  • doesn't know how to play poker
  • watches certain movies for the houses and decor
  • gets excited when catalogs & packages come in the mail
  • doesn't like scary movies
  • is an organizing junkie
  • loves Mexican food
  • couldn't live without music
  • swears she's never going to watch any of the Real Housewives again but always does
  • has a weird talent of always figuring out the twist in mysteries before they are revealed