Thursday, May 05, 2011

I Hit the Jackpot !!!

Have you ever been to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore? The ReStore sells donated items which are sold to the public at discounted prices. The proceeds help fund the building of Habitat homes within the community. Like most thrift type stores, it's hit or miss depending on when you go. Well, today was a HUGE hit! Right away I zoned in on these barn lights. I got four of them for $30! Can you believe it? I'm thinking two for the kitchen and two for the soon to be basement bathroom/studio/laundry room remodel.

While I was still drooling over my fabulous find, the hubby calls me over to see something he found. A farmhouse sink in PERFECT condition for $25! After I gave him the "Get out!" Elaine Benes shove and practically knocked him down, he carried it to the truck for me. We haven't really been planning a kitchen remodel, only a little redecorating, but how can I pass up a $25 farmhouse sink? As I said, it's in excellent condition and just needs a nice shiny new faucet.

This weekend is our city's annual Spring Clean Up so I'll be busy, busy, busy cleaning up and getting rid of lots of junk. Don't worry, not the "good junk", just the bad junk. Where does it all come from anyway? Does it seem like you're always decluttering and throwing things away and yet there's always more? I thought once my kids were grown, I'd always have this perfectly organized and clean house. Um, silly me!