Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Musings.....
  • I am so ready for Spring.

  • Last week was crap. Our hot water tank burst leaving us with a lovely mess in the basement. A wind storm blew open my front screen door (which is actually a french door with glass panes) breaking a couple of the panes. A bird managed to get into my attic and to top off the end of the week, someone who will remain nameless fell down the steps. Luckily she wasn't hurt but she did work up a few tears and scream "You're killing me Smalls!" to the universe over the craptastic week she's had. This week HAS to be better, right?

  • I am slowly but surely finishing up some new things for the shop. I'll give you a hint...naughty girls and boys.

  • I ate half a bag of Starburst and watched Christmas Vacation yesterday. Don't judge me.

  • My husband bought me a mixed bouquet for Valentines Day and it still still alive and kicking. Pretty cool.

  • I am sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen.

  • I laugh my butt off at the Best Buy commerical of the little girl running around in circles while looking at her feet saying "You got the wrong tv, silly head."

  • As much as I love and use technology, I still love making my to do lists with a fresh stack of notebook paper, a clipboard, and the perfect pen.

  • Speaking of to do lists, what is that saying? Jack of all trades and master of none. That has been me lately. I really need to change it up.

  • I want this, this, this, and these.

{via betty broccoli's tumber}