Thursday, January 06, 2011

{Reuse, Recycle and Organize}

Always losing one of your earrings? Well don't throw out the lonesome leftover. They make perfect pushpins.

A small accordian file is perfect to use in your car's glovebox for important things like registration and insurance information, a small notepad and pen, and a few emergency dollars.

An eyeglass case makes a perfect portable manicure set (or sewing kit). Using this in your purse keeps everything neat and organized.

An empty film canister (cut a slit in the side) works great for a roll of stamps. This would also work great for a roll of return address labels.

Speaking of sewing kits, a matchbox makes a cute mini kit.

A business card holder is perfect for carrying around your preferred sweetener.

Are you always losing the tweezers or nail clippers? Glue a magnet inside the medicine cabinet and voila!

Speaking of magnets and medicine I the only dork who could look at this photo all day? Some people just wouldn't get it, however, I know my followers totally understand why this is such a pretty picture, right?

{all pics via Martha Stewart / Real Simple}