Tuesday, January 04, 2011

{The Organized Kitchen}

This collection of colorful latte bowls makes me giddy.

{via Martha Stewart}

Not a lot of space? You only need a few feet of wall space for a "command center" and a tiny closet can double the space by using a shoe bag on the inside door.

{via Real Simple}

Pretty in pink. Armoires or vintage cabinets are both practical and beautiful in the kitchen.

{via Kitchenisms}

This pantry is so pretty and so organized that I think I would drive myself crazy trying to make sure my food packages were color coordinated.

{via Easy Closets}

I love this built in armoire pantry and baking center. In the middle of whipping up a batch of cookie dough to cure that pesky PMS when the door bell rings? Uh, oh, it's your mother in law or perhaps Mrs. Kravitz from next door? Well, just close the doors and welcome them into your perfect kitchen. They'll never know what you've secretly been up to.

{via House Beautiful}

Over the door racks are great for holding canned goods and doubling the space of your pantry or closet. I use them in my own kitchen pantry.

{via myhomeideas}

Martha + kitchen + organizing = perfection.

{via Martha Stewart}

Another great use for an old armoire.

{via Country Living}

How can we not love this crisp, clean, and fresh kitchen space?

{via Coastal Living}

The glass storage jars in this vintage cabinet are almost like art. Am I the only one dying to know exactly what is in all of those jars?

{via Houzz}