Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you have a uniform?

Do you have a uniform? Something you wear all the time? Your comfort clothes? When I'm home all day and have no other plans, this is pretty much what I wear every day whether I'm cleaning, painting, working, or just lounging around being lazy.

A white shirt and boyfriend jeans. Now when I say boyfriend jeans, I'm talking about "jeans that have been worn and washed a million times so they are starting to get holes and are rolled up because I'm a 5'2" shrimp and it's more comfortable skulking around the house with 'em rolled up" as opposed to super chic brand new boyfriend jeans. I was wearing boyfriend jeans when boyfriend jeans wasn't cool. (There's a song in there somewhere.)

I usually just put on a classic white button up shirt. Again, loose, baggy, worn and washed a hundred times so they are super soft and comfy with the sleeves rolled up. I probably have a dozen of them. On my feet are either a black pair of canvas Mary Janes, a taupe flannel pair of Mary Janes ( a la Target), or my pink Simple GT Mary Janes. Yes, I like Mary Janes. Shut up!

In the winter, I'll throw on a cardigan if I'm cold and I may even be so bold as to unroll my jeans a little and put on some cute stripe socks.....if I'm feeling like a fashionista that day. While the girl in the photo is adorable, I don't usually walk around my house with a big ass scarf though. When I go out I usually wear something else, but seriously, if you drop by my house on any given day, ole' girl is coming to the door in "her uniform".

P.S. I'm not as skinny or cute as these girls but I'm a little bit cute and I sure am comfy!