Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DIY: Leaf Applique Blanket

{project via Better Homes & Gardens}

• Photocopier
• Imitation suede in assorted fall colors
• Pencil
• Paper-backed fusible webbing
• Scissors
• Iron and pressing cloth
• 1-1/2 yards 72-inch-wide pumpkin-color boiled wool
• Matching sewing threads
• Straight pins
• Powder blush or eye shadow
• Two 1-1/4-ounce balls of yarn
• Large-eye sewing needle
• 7 yards of decorative trim

1. Enlarge the leaf patterns (find a link to download below).
2. Decide on a number of leaves for your blanket. For each leaf, select two contrasting colors of imitation suede. Use two 7x11-inch rectangles for each oak leaf and two 8-inch squares for the other leaves.
3. Trace one pattern for each desired leaf onto the paper side of the fusible web. Leave 1/2 inch between shapes. Cut apart the shapes, leaving excess fusible web around each shape.
4. Following the manufacturer's instructions, use an iron without steam and a pressing cloth to fuse the web shapes onto the wrong side of imitation suede. Cut out the leaf shapes on the traced lines; remove the paper backings.
5. Lightly fuse the leaf shapes to the right sides of contrasting imitation suede. Trim the bottom suede pieces 1/8 inch larger than the top leaf shapes.
6. Remove the selvages from the boiled wool. Arrange the leaves on the wool; pin in place. Sew leaves in place, stitching through all layers 1/8 inch from the edges of the top leaves. Sew vein lines on the leaves. Dry-brush powder blush or eye shadow on the veins and areas where the stems meet the leaves.
7. With one strand of yarn and a large-eye sewing needle, blanket-stitch around the edges of the throw; make the stitches approximately 1/4 inch long and a scant 1/4 inch apart.
8. Hand-stitch trim to edge of throw