Monday, November 15, 2010

Check out my Loot !!!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We had beautiful weather so I thought I'd venture out and maybe do a little junking. My goal was to take $10, hit up a few tag sales, and be home by 9 a.m. I didn't quite make my time deadline, and I didn't have any luck at the tag sales, but I still hit the jackpot with my $10. While I was gone, my youngest daughter called to ask me to pick up some glue for an art project. I stopped at Michaels and look what I found in the dollar bins.......

How cute are these coffee mugs? I'm in love with them. They're a little Anthropologie-ish and at $1 each, you can't beat that with a stick! Get thee to Michaels before they are all gone. There are two other designs, a clock and a chandelier, but there was only one of each left and they were both chipped quite a bit. I can't decide which one is my favorite. Which is your favorite?

I also stopped by a Christmas Bazaar that my friend, Denise, was helping out with and snatched up this beautiful handmade scarf. I really love the colors in it and the photo isn't doing it justice to show how pretty and soft and yummy it is. I brought it home and told my girls how much I loved the colors and they both said "Of course, Mom, that's totally your color palette." I guess it is. Right now I have it draped over Miss Trixie and it fits right in.

P.S: As you can see I did a little blog redesign. In the process, I lost my counter, a couple of links, and some pictures. Please bare with me while I get organized again. Thanks.