Monday, January 18, 2010

{Shameless Mom Brag}

This is my youngest junkgarden girl. She's my creative one. This is the child, when she was younger, who would sneak off into the bathroom and mix up as many powders and lotions she could get her hands on before I found her. You see, she was just "Making a potion, Mommy". This wasn't quite as funny and cute at the time, because all I could think of was her mixing something together and causing a dangerous explosion. Of course now, thinking about that little blonde bobbed head and those chubby little fingers mixing Johnsons baby powder with my $50 jar of Philosophy Hope in a Jar makes me smile.

Now she's the girl who sews, makes jewelry, draws, paints, loves photography, and writes poetry. This school year she's had her photos chosen for the photography showcase and also won a poetry contest to which her poem has actually been included in a book of collected poems. My messy little scientist is a published author. I'm so very proud of her.

She's saving up for a new camera and she made some really cute Valentine pendants that I have listed over in my shop. She will also be giving 10% of her profits to the Help for Haiti fund at school.