Monday, January 04, 2010

I read this on Jen Gray's blog a few days ago and thought it was a great perspective to have for the new year.

you are not too old.

you are not out of original thoughts and ideas.

you are not washed up.

possibilities and dreams and ideas are always being created inside of you ~ whether you feel it or not.

you have not reached the max, the limit....thousands of years have passed and there are still new orchids being born,
after all this time....

the myth of "there is not enough" will be kept alive as long as you believe to be true.

quit looking at what everyone else is doing,
create something just for you, just for your eyes, just for the feeling of being alive.

your value was never intended to be measured by
the number of tweet followers
or etsy sales
or blog hits
or web awards
or facebook friends
or who links to you
or by how many magazine mentions you have received.

(in fact ,your value was never intended to be measured by anything "out there.")

get back to the place of when you created something just because it just made you feel better.
when the scent of crayolas or the feel of clay in your little hands was enough ~
for no other reason
except that it was fun
and it was easy
and your senses were curious. ...

just give it a little play.
(you owe it to yourself.)