Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dining Room Library

I have been very close to doing something like this in my dining room, but am scared it would leave the room too cramped.

I love the room below. The color palette is so soothing and I can just imagine there is a big squishy chair somewhere in the corner of the room. I love the gray beadboard shelves, the yellow pottery, the little red bench, and those lights, oh those lights!

This one is so fun. I love the pops of color on the bench, artwork and that great piece on the table. I would love to see the rest of this house.

This is one of those rooms you can look at forever. There is so much to see and touch. That table and chairs is to die for. Notice there is a bench on the other side of the table. The suitcases, the globes, the maps, the sign. So much vintage charm here.

Now this is a library! I love all of the elements in this room. It's actually a fairly small room but the ceiling height really makes the room appear larger than it is. I'd probably fall and break my neck on that ladder or become obsessed with trying to fill up all of those shelves with books so this one probably isn't the one for me. I still love looking at it though.

Now here's a ladder I could climb without killing myself. I really like how this room appears formal and casual at the same time thanks to the giant chalkboard and bulletin board.

This one is my favorite!!