Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hard Days Work

So many great ideas here. The numbered photo boxes. The whiteboard and baskets. A mirror not only for primping but also to make the space appear larger. A collection of white cups that can hold pencils, pens, paintbrushes, crayons, and whatever else you need to keep together. I really like the paper roll on the desktop. This would be a great idea for wrapping paper as well. You could just use a curtain rod and attach it right to the desk.

This is an old photo (look at that computer!) but I still like this cozy home office. I remember seeing this on a decorating show years ago so a real person actually does live here. I really like that slipcovered chair with the star.

Clean, crisp, and stylish. Love the numbers print, the silhouette picture, and the silver chairs and lamps.

Lots of vintage charm here.

A charming "standard" office with personal and vintage touches.

Lots of great flea market finds in this little office space. Check out the baby box spring used for a memo board. Or make your own tool carousel using vintage tin cans and cheese graters. Mini cake pans are great for keeping things organized. If you don't have room for a desk, how about cutting an old table in half, chopping off the legs, and attaching it to a wall.

A vintage panel door makes an interesting chalkboard.

I'm in love with this one. So bright and spacious. Dark floors, white trim, pale blue walls and I love the metal furnishings. I think this is a Pottery Barn room but we all know how to get around that, right?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dining Room Library

I have been very close to doing something like this in my dining room, but am scared it would leave the room too cramped.

I love the room below. The color palette is so soothing and I can just imagine there is a big squishy chair somewhere in the corner of the room. I love the gray beadboard shelves, the yellow pottery, the little red bench, and those lights, oh those lights!

This one is so fun. I love the pops of color on the bench, artwork and that great piece on the table. I would love to see the rest of this house.

This is one of those rooms you can look at forever. There is so much to see and touch. That table and chairs is to die for. Notice there is a bench on the other side of the table. The suitcases, the globes, the maps, the sign. So much vintage charm here.

Now this is a library! I love all of the elements in this room. It's actually a fairly small room but the ceiling height really makes the room appear larger than it is. I'd probably fall and break my neck on that ladder or become obsessed with trying to fill up all of those shelves with books so this one probably isn't the one for me. I still love looking at it though.

Now here's a ladder I could climb without killing myself. I really like how this room appears formal and casual at the same time thanks to the giant chalkboard and bulletin board.

This one is my favorite!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Does this ever happen to you? You think you have come up with a great idea for something and you start working on it. However, you have about a million other things going on, so you are slow at getting it "out there". Meanwhile, you happen to be browsing around (when you should have been working on your project) only to see that apparently great minds think alike as someone else just starting making pretty much the same thing you've been working on, so now you feel like you can't put it out there because you will look like a copycat. This just happened to me and I'm sad.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Before & After Kitchen

I would love to tell you this is my kitchen remodel but it's not. It's another beautiful home within the pages of Country Living.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{J Crew Spring 2010}

Being the 40 year old that I am, I doubt I'd wear most of these outfits head to toe, but there is still plenty of inspiration here for those of us who aren't 20 anymore. And if you are still a 20-something gal, rock on!