Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Super easy. Super inexpensive. Super cute.

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To make this picture placecard: Start with 2-3" tall image of each guest. Photocopy, then use a glue stick to attach a piece of card stock to the back of the copied image. Once the glue's dry, cut out the guest's silhouette with an X-Acto knife. Then use a kitchen knife to make a 1" vertical slit in a pear and slide in the image.

{via Ladies Home Journal}

These printed paper napkin rings do double duty as a placecard. Print your design on heavyweight paper, cut into strips, and wrap around the napkin and secure with double sided tape.

{via Ladies Home Journal}

I love this idea! Fortune nuts filled with holiday wishes are so easy to make. Carefully break walnuts in half by running a knife along the nut's natural seam. Remove the meat with a nutpick. Print out fortunes on colored paper, cut into strips, and curl around a pencil. Then place them inside the nuts and tie matching halves together with kitchen twine.