Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Makeup Brushes

{via NicoDeLyon on flickr}

Everyone has their favorite tools, tricks, and holy grail products. One of my favorite things is using Loew Cornell artist brushes instead of expensive makeup brushes. As much as I love makeup, including MAC, I'm sorry but I'm not willing to pay $20-50 per brush. Yes, I know brushes are an investment but makeup brushes just aren't something I care to "invest" in. I'm not a professional makeup artist and I'm certainly not a model so these brushes work perfectly fine for my needs. I've been using them for years. My teenage daughters love them and they are makeup junkies. I did a little Google search on similar brushes to Loew Cornell and I see lots of people are using them, so this is probably old news for most of you. The best thing to do is just head to your local Michaels (don't forget your 40% off coupons) or other art supply store and look at the brushes. (Royal & Langnickel are also nice brushes to try.) Since MAC brushes are so popular, here is a little cheat sheet of comparable Loew Cornell or Royal & Langnickel brushes.

{Click on chart for a larger look.}