Monday, September 14, 2009

Totally Random

1) I really want one of these vintage trucks!

2) I can't wait to sit down with this. 500+ pages, ladies, 500+ pages!

3) I love my new blow dryer. Infiniti by Conair. $35

4) I just saw these boots on Gravity Pope. I had a pair EXACTLY like this when I was in junior high school except they were Etienne Aigner. They were my favorite shoes ever. Of course, I loved them because they were Aigner (a pretty big deal back then. LOL!) but I also loved that they had a tiny metal "A" on them since my first name starts with A. I used to rock them with baggy pin striped cuffed jeans a' la Bananarama or with a long skirt a' la Molly Ringwald. Yes, I thought I was cute.

5) What a jerk!