Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What? A "Theme Bathroom"? Me?

I am sooooo not into "theme decorating". However, a few things came together this weekend and now it looks like I might be breaking my own rule. Mr. Junkgarden is a firefighter and we will be remodeling our basement in about 6 months and putting in a new bathroom down there. You can see where I'm going with this, right? Listen, folks, this is my vow..... I will NOT go overboard with this "theme". Oh gosh, I hate even saying the word. What else can I call it? The reason I'm thinking about doing this is because I bought a really cute fire truck print at a yard sale and I also was looking through my fabric stash and came upon some fabric that I totally forgot I had (I know you can relate) Add that to a few other things I already have around the house and voila....a themed bathroom is born.

1. Vintage metal fire truck that I bought on Ebay. Right now it sits on the mantle in my bedroom. While browsing Ebay recently, I noticed another one that looked VERY similar so now I'm wondering if it's really vintage or mass produced. I have to say it looks authentic to me and I only paid $14 for it so I'm ok either way.
2. This is the paint color I'm thinking of using. It's Sherwin Williams--Natural Choice.
3. Fabric that I've had for YEARS. I have a huge fabric stash that I haven't looked at in ages. This is really nice linen fabric so it has lots of nubby texture. I'm thinking of using it for my shower curtain, with a liner of course.
4. Isn't this sign cute? I think I'm going to purchase it from Salvage Nation. She has lots of cool junk.
5. This is Mr Junkgarden his first year on the job almost 20 years ago. Isn't he cute? He looks like a baby there. Awwww! He's still cute. Trust me. I want to put this picture in a nice chunky frame with red distressed paint. I have a ton of frames around here so it shouldn't be hard to find one.
6. Firetruck print that I got at a yard sale for .75. This came in a set of prints with an airplane and a taxi cab. I'm pretty sure they were marketed for little boys rooms but I really loved the simplicity and vintage feel of it.

Ok, is that too theme-y? It will be a small bathroom with a toilet, shower, pedestal sink, neutral floor tiles and probably oil rubbed bronze fixtures. It will be awhile before I will even need to be thinking about this but it's fun decorating in our heads, right?