Thursday, July 02, 2009

Circus Wedding

Stop it. Just stop the cuteness. This is one of the most adorable weddings I've ever seen. If you knew my youngest daughter (she's 15), you'd know that this is exactly the kind of wedding she would want someday. So charming. So genuine. So sweet. I love everything about it. You hear "Circus Wedding" and you think, "Huh?" until you see these wonderful wedding photos. I came upon this wedding by googling something that has nothing to do with either a circus or a wedding. After seeing a couple of photos, I had to see more. It seems everyone loves this wedding as it's been featured on several wedding blogs. It's no wonder, right? Check out Rock 'n Roll Bride. Her blog is fantastic and she has some of the coolest weddings on it. Also check out Josh Goleman. He's the wonderful photographer who took all of these amazing photos. He has many more pictures on his site.