Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ABCs & 123s

I know typography in home decorating is old news by now but I still love it. As a matter of fact, I may have even been a little ahead of my time. I put giant numbers on all of my upstairs doors about 10 years ago. No one around here understood why I did that, but I know some of you will. Now letters, numbers and symbols are everywhere in home decor. I am also a huge lover of old signs and anything with labels. I'll do a separate post on those later.

The first picture belongs to yours truly. It's our main upstairs bathroom and it's kind of an old picture but I'm too lazy to go up and take a new one. Actually, it looks exactly the same except the stuff on top of the cabinet is different. I took off all of the clutter and now there is just a big galvanized rectangle bucket up there. That cabinet has been in every room of my house and has been painted every color of the rainbow. I got it at a yard sale for $15 about 15 years ago. Now it holds towels and things I don't mind "guests" seeing in case they are snoopers. You know, all of the cute soaps, bottles,containers and pretty towels. All of the "embarrassing" or not-so-cute bathroom essentials and ugly towels hide out in the linen closet. So no snooping there!

Photos via 1. junkgarden 2. Mary Engelbreit 3-6. Pottery Barn 7. Cottage Living 8. Country Living 9. Flickr 10. Cottage Living.